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    Mommy & Me Program

    Starts: Oct 20th
    Date: Thursdays
    Time: 10:30am

Welcome to Kydoo!!

Our world class doing center includes a variety of classes such as art, dance, Mommy and Me, music, cooking, soccer, homework helper, and many more.

Kydoo has 6000 square feet of protected play area that includes a central playground, a ball kicking indoor grass area, a dance studio, an artistic Atelier space, and much more. While your kids have fun, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a French Macaroon or a glass of wine and one of our signature flatbreads. We are also a unique Party venue, and our CAFÉ will cater all your needs.

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Free tryouts on all our classes

  • Birthday Parties

    Partying at Kydoo is a Breeze!! Our party professionals will take care of everything from the decoration to the service and the food.

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  • Sports Classes

    We like “Dooing", we encourage physical activity as a way of living a healthy lifestyle. These are some of the classes you will find at Kydoo: Karate – Yoga – Mini Tennis – Soccer – Zumba – Gymnastics – Acrobatics – Baseball

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  • Dance Classes

    Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Children learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language.

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  • Art Classes

    Creativity and imagination are the base of this program. Your child will use it both as a form of self- expression and to produce master pieces you will cherish forever.

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  • Mommy and Me Classes

    PLAY and MUSIC are special for children, MUSIC is an excellent and attractive way of learning as well as PLAY. We combined these two elements in one stimulating and inviting class for mommies and their little ones!!

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Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 3:00pm - 6:30pm
Sunday: 3:00pm - 6:30pm


  • I wanted to Thank each and everyone at Kydoo for helping out at Marcelo’s Birthday Party on Saturday April 16th! It could not have turned out better, it really was a complete success!
    Izamar and Catherine were extremely helpful and the girls in the kitchen were super nice.
    I would love to do another party here at kydoo and look forward to working with you again in the near future!

    Familia Garcia Brandt
  • The decorations were amazing! There were “Happy Birthday” messages and coloring printouts about superheroes that made a very special touch. Everyone working at Kydoo that day was amazing and helped me with everything, their timing was perfect!

    Ariadna Castro
  • Everything was great on Saturday! We had a lot of fun and loved it, Carolina was great, the Kydoo staff was amazing and very involved and helpful. They helped me with the decorations and the rest of the party. Thanks for everything and I’m sure we’ll be seeing you in the near future!

    Imelda Zayed
  • We are extremely happy! Everyone that works at Kydoo is helpful and efficient, we were very impressed at the level of professionalism. The food was amazing, the places was clean and nice.

    Congratulations to the Kydoo Team!

    Marina y Mar
  • Kydoo I just wanted to thank you for everything. The attention and Kydoo was impeccable, the organization was excellent, everything went according to planned and the decoration was beautiful. My friends and family were impressed with Kydoo, I am sure you will get some future customers.


    Diana Bonavino
  • Everything was amazing, Carolina was extremely nice, she was always willing to help me and always with a big smile on her face. Everyone was extremely happy and satisfied with the place and the service. Most of the people had never heard of Kydoo but they will be coming back. My daughter couldn’t have had a better time, thank you very much for such a beautiful party for daughter, the kids had too much fun!

    Paula Gomez
  • The party was a great success. The decorations were beautiful and the staff was extremely  kind and helpful. I absolutely loved everything about the party. Thank you for giving us a wonderful memory. I will recommend Kydoo to people that I know. Thanks again!

  • Everything at Kydoo was amazing, my guests were very happy with the food, drinks, etc. The service was spectacular, very nice and willing to help me with everything.

    I loved the music show they put for my sons birthday, I had done my daughters birthday party ar Kydoo before, so I knew the people and I can say that nothing has change, it is still the same amazing service.

    Every guest was happy and complemented the place.

    Kathy Vivas
  • Thank you for everything! We are extremely happy with Kydoo, my guests are were very happy, they were impressed with the food, the place and the attention received. Carolina was awesome, we got there at 10am and everything almost ready, Carolina made sure everything was ready on time.

    I will consider doing more events at Kydoo in the near future! Thank you again!

    Andrea Hurtado
  • I’m just writing to say thank you for everything!!!  The party was a success and everyone LOVED it!!!! I even had to order more food, because it was gone SOOO fast!!!! All the ladies that were there helping were REALLY helpful!!!! I’m so happy everything turned out perfect!!!! Thank you so much for all the help and attention!!!!!!
    Thanks so much once again for everything!!!

    Beatriz Bianchi
  • Kydoo is a great place to hang out with my little ones, specially in the hot summer miami days when all you want is to be indoors with the AC on! The staff is great and the food is yummy (for both parents and kids)…you also have wifi which is great if you want to relax and/or work while your kid plays…its very safe and cozy… Good for playdates! The parties are also very special…I’ve done 2 parties with Kydoo and my kid had a blast! It was great because the kydoo staff handles everything while you can focus on your invitees and relax and have fun too…overall, I recommend it

    Veronica Londoño
  • Everything was amazing, the girls that helped out were very helpful, they took care of all the details and made sure everyone was having a good time. My daughter was very happy, we had a great time. Thank you Kydoo for everything!